Narrative therapy assists people, through conversation, in a rediscovery of preferred meanings for their lives. narrative aims to contribute to the re-authoring of people’s lives. Based on the pioneering ideas and practices of Michael White and David Epston, the re-authoring process offered in a narrative approach names the problem as the problem thus separating personal identity conclusions from negative experiences. The naming of unhelpful practices and movement away from ‘thin descriptions’, which support a problematic version of a person and obscure other possible versions or possibilities becomes more likely. Preferred stories of people’s experience and identity are allowed to emerge and are ‘thickened’ through opportunities for them to be more richly described and experienced.


Narrative Therapy – the ideas. Liz Todd, Newcastle University (presentation slides)

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A response to Billington 2009
Multi-Agency Working and Disabled CYP 2011
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Letting the voice of the child challenge the narrative 2000