VIG Video Interaction Guidance

Video interaction guidance (VIG) is as an approach to change in relationships. Short clips of interaction (typically a few seconds) are reviewed by at least one of those involved in the interaction together with a trained VIG guider. The clips are selected as good examples of connection and attunement in the relationship. VIG is used throughout the world in many countries, and in many contexts including social work, teacher development, classroom pedagogy, helping to develop attachment with children in families, in interactions between elderly disabled people and those caring for them etc. VIG also provides a useful way to research interaction. As a result of robust evidence of effectiveness VIG is recommended in a number of NICE guidelines (autism, social and emotional wellbeing, children’s attachment).

Publications and conference papers (click on cover image to read)

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Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (2015)
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Video Interaction Guidance (2011)
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Using VIG: a report by children of Willows









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